The iPad “DJ”

As cool and desirable a device as the iPad is, THIS whole business here…

…is cute if you want to entertain your friends on beer night. It’s hilarious when compared to something like THIS, for instance:

…OR, say, something like this:

BUT, watching a “brand storyteller” stab at a touch screen in front of a bemused bar crowd on cable TV, is NOT as thrilling or aspirational as a REAL turntable artist combining software technology and fierce deck technique in front of a happy, bouncing crowd. So much hard-sell yapping (buy TWO iPads and YOU can be a DJ!) and not much demo.

We wish the app makers had gone straight to some established beat jugglers and musicians to show off the iPad’s potential as a musical tool, instead of concocting this viral campaign. It would have said a lot more about their products.

"Brand Storyteller" Rana June

As one online commenter said, this was meant to be a “WOW” but turned into a “LOL” instead.

-The MMiXdown

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