Tilted Axes @ CofC2015


Two weekends away…

“We’ve all encountered the strolling band in a café or even a marching brass band on the streets, but Tilted Axes is something else. For one thing, encountering a phalanx of electric guitarists with small amplifiers strapped to their waists is most unusual. Creating electric guitar music that physically moves is the brainchild of Detroit native Patrick Grant. He moved on to New York in 1985 after four years rocking with Walk Thru Walls and built a bigger music career that includes avant garde theater. But he wasn’t done with us yet. Detroit, along with New York and Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the locales where an incarnation of his Tilted Axes musical theater has manifested itself. Tilted Axes cuts musical pathways through the urban landscape, turning neighborhoods into sonic narratives and gets musicians off the stage and into the crowd.” – 2015 Concert of Colors web site

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