Winter Workshop Completion

CONGRATULATIONS to the participants of our Winter 2021 Remote Recording Workshop for completing the course with honors.

THANK YOU to our supporters and co-producers who enabled these classes be FREE of charge to the community. We now have even more musicians and music to look forward to for Tilted Axes and all other kinds of new projects in our community to present to the public.

Look out for spring sessions coming in April.

Amy Denio
“Patrick Grant is a fantastic teacher and delightful musician. Music creates community, and Patrick encourages this beautifully in his workshops.

Dave Fabris
“…(an) insightful and inspirational class!”

Jeff Adams
“I know more now than I did before. This mini course gives me more confidence moving forward with my recording endeavours!”

Peter Legowski
“Thank you for your excellent how-to that was both inspirational and grounded in immutable properties of sound. You offered a simple useful approach for using the DAW – Ableton – that I already have more effectively, and opened doors to new creative possibilities. Yay!”

Henry Lowman
“THANK YOU, Patrick, for expanding the possibilities! MANY questions answered. We proceed…”

Jeremy Slater
“Thanks so much! It was great. I learned a lot!”

Kim Cary
“This class has been eye opening and ear opening…fun and surprising in many ways.

David Ross
“I learned many important aspects of working in the studio and with others that will now become a foundation.  You have a great way of distilling the essentials in every topic that you presented.  I came away with a much more solid understanding of the tools and components of my studio as well as your enlightened protocols for remote collaboration… I would definitely participate in any workshop that you might offer in the future.”

Joe Pfeffer
“You’re super talented at the online format. I had a terrific time, and I’m smarter too.”

Angela Babin
“Patrick is a great instructor – patient and welcoming while keeping our group on task and focused.”

Alex Durante
“The workshop provided valuable insights into the art and science of sound recording. I had no prior experience recording music and he showed me the fundamentals of getting a good sound from my instrument.”

Jason Goldstein
“Patrick Grant’s class provided me with a great introduction to recording on my computer.  I really appreciate his time, effort, and expertise.  I especially enjoyed our guitar ensemble recordings!  I highly recommend this class to anyone who might be interested in it.”

Milica Paranosic
“Thank you Patrick! I’ve learned a lot from you. As always.”

David Oskardmay
“Many thanks! This is very helpful. Time to dream of wires…”

Thank YOU!

A number of the new participants in our upcoming (and fully enrolled) Remote Recording Workshops said to me, “Thank you for doing this!” but I feel that these thanks are misplaced. The only thanks that should be given are to the supporters and producing partners of Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars that enable these courses to be given FREE of charge. The aim is to educate our artistic community so that more of us can create original audio of all kinds: music, spoken word, sound design, etc. and share it in new projects. It is for that that I am the one saying, “No, thank YOU for your support! None of this would be possible without the great community we foster together.” – Patrick Grant

To find out more go to:

FREE Remote Recording Workshops


Opt. 1: Thursday nights, February 11, 18, 25 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST

Opt. 2: Sunday afternoons, February 14, 21, 28 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm EST

These will be conducted over Zoom – Details TBA.

To apply please fill out the Google Form: 

These winter courses are for new participants who did not attend last Fall’s workshops.

These courses are free to accepted participants. Fees are funded by the generous supporters of Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars. The courses are given by me, Patrick Grant, a composer, performer, music educator, and creator of Tilted Axes.

Remote recording, online sessions, file sharing – while the things these terms describe are nothing new, there are many musicians and songwriters that don’t understand them. Like many developments on the internet, there isn’t a universal nomenclature, and terms are used loosely. Which is why we thought it was worth taking the time to offer some clarity, and shed light on the opportunities that are available to people involved in every level of the music production process.

This is a great time for music and a great time to make music together. Collaborating remotely is not going away, so best to learn and sharpen those skills and be heard in every way possible.

The course is designed for Mac and PC users, laptops or desktops. Sorry, no tablets or smart phones. You must have a working audio interface to participate. This should be set up and running before we begin. If you require help, you should ask for assistance, but there’s plenty of resources out there for you.

You will need an audio interface. If you need to purchase a good audio interface, we recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, but there many you can chose from. if you already use one, great. For this course you can use an electric guitar, electric bass, electronic keyboard, or a good microphone and/or an acoustic instrument of your choice to participate. We just want you to use something that will make recording fun for you.

Ableton LIVE will be our default software. If you already use, or are more comfortable with something else, that’s OK, but in these workshops we will begin with Ableton so we have a common reference and since it is common to both the Mac and PC platform. If you need a copy of Ableton, you can download and use a functioning trial version for 90 days at The version that you will use depends on the computer you current own. If you cannot use Ableton, it is acceptable to use Garageband (sorry, Mac users only). We will also be using Audacity (which is free to download) in a few instances.

While this is not an Ableton Live or garageband course, we will use this programs to varying degrees in the service of learning good recording technique, how to share files in a collaborative way, and how to use any kind of software as a generative musical composition tool no matter your level of previous experience.

The proposed course syllabus is:

Session 1 – The Physics of Sound Pt. 1, checking your interface, setting levels, creating and using a template for Tilted Axes (and other projects), initial recording, multiple takes, bouncing out your audio, Assignment A.

Session 2 – The Physics of Sound Pt. 2, microphone techniques, creating a multitrack recording, editing, panning, bouncing out your audio, Assignment B.

Session 3 – Acoustics: The Behavior of Sound in a Room, FX = Frequency, Dynamics, and Time, Post-Production, extended editing techniques, bouncing out your audio, the completion of the course Assignment.

Space is limited so apply as soon as possible. I will be getting back to everybody to finalize your participant.

Again, to apply please fill out the Google Form: 

Looking forward to making more music with friends old and new.

Thank you all,

Patrick Grant &

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Tilted Axes @ CofC2015


Two weekends away…

“We’ve all encountered the strolling band in a café or even a marching brass band on the streets, but Tilted Axes is something else. For one thing, encountering a phalanx of electric guitarists with small amplifiers strapped to their waists is most unusual. Creating electric guitar music that physically moves is the brainchild of Detroit native Patrick Grant. He moved on to New York in 1985 after four years rocking with Walk Thru Walls and built a bigger music career that includes avant garde theater. But he wasn’t done with us yet. Detroit, along with New York and Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the locales where an incarnation of his Tilted Axes musical theater has manifested itself. Tilted Axes cuts musical pathways through the urban landscape, turning neighborhoods into sonic narratives and gets musicians off the stage and into the crowd.” – 2015 Concert of Colors web site