The Promotion Becomes the Product?

For music fans and listeners who don’t have the DJ chops, but still want to join in today’s remix culture, there’s a new suite of interactive listening tools from .MXP4.

I’ve been playing around on this company’s website, and as they say, with the .MXP4 format you don’t just listen to music, you can play with it as well: separate & mix the voices & instruments in a song the way you like it; construct a remix on the fly from different versions of a song; sing along in karaoke mode; and even buy digital albums that allow you to re-order the tracks and create a seamless party mix. It’s basically iTunes on steroids.

I cruised through some of the .MXP4 player features with examples on their website – 1) pulling instruments and voices out of a Bravery song 2) remixing a Calvin Harris tune 3) playing DJ with an eighties compilation. Check it out:

(Sorry ’bout that frame rate. What you get with free screencast software. )

.MXP4 lets the musician provide a richer multimedia presentation of a single or track. Other kinds of data can be laid into an .MXP4 file besides the sub-tracks or different versions, such as images and text. And there will be mobile and social media applications, so fans can share their mixes with friends.

For the listener, you can check out the .MXP4 player or widgets and browse through their current offerings. And for the band or artist, there is an .MXP4 editor in private beta testing. (There’s a prototype tutorial for that HERE.)

I’m not sure how widely received this technology will become, but I will say that I spent a lot more time listening to & tinkering with songs than I ever would with just my iPod. Which I guess is what .MXP4 and the artists involved would like you to do, especially if it means you’ll open your wallet and buy the music. šŸ™‚


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