MMiX Festival Part Four

OK. The thing is done. Long exhales, a good long nap and heart-felt thanks to everyone. Your support, artistry and friendship (not to mention your cables and power strips) have meant the world to us. šŸ™‚

More pics to follow in the days ahead:














There’ll be plenty of content (video too) coming out as we get it together after a well deserved rest.

In the meantime, there’s many a point to ponder. We all learned so much about HOW music is being made in its current state that now the question shifts to WHAT is being made, let alone WHY.

Ben Neill made a great point, as far as “interactive” music goes, that being: It connects best with an audience when there is some level, structured as it may be, of improvisation. That made a lot of sense to hear that put so clearly. Without it, where is the risk, where is the edge-of-our-seat excitement which has always made for great music/performance no matter the decade, epoch or technology (?). With that in mind, nothing worthwhile is truly new. It’s simply this year’s extension of what humans have been doing since time immemorial.

Which means, for us here: more to come.

Thank you everybody!

-The MMiX Team

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