Synch Before You Speak

Ever have one of those days when nothing coming out of your mouth makes any sense?

THIS is sort of what it’s like when that happens to me, although it doesn’t sound half as funny or cool:

This project is called Speakatron, created by interactive designer Marek Bereza for one of this year’s Music Hack Day events. In general, Music Hack Days happen over a weekend in a number of different cities. Musicians, coders and programmers get together to try and build the next generation of music applications, whether it’s software, apps for mobile devices or new ways of creating art for the web.

On the project Wiki, Bereza describes Speakatron as, “A program that looks at you through your web cam and plays a sound when you open your mouth. It can tell what shape you’re making and how high your mouth is on the screen as synthesis parameters.”

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but if you’d like to play around with the program or the source code, you can pull it down from Bereza’s project page. At the moment, the program offers the sounds of a cat, a synth, birdsong and Buddhist monks. I would love to add the wah-wah trombone sound of the teachers on the old Peanuts cartoons.


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