MMiX Festival Video: Radio Wonderland – The Dance Party

Last week, we heard that Joshua Fried of Radio Wonderland was stuck in Europe, waiting for the Icelandic volcanic spew to slow down long enough to get a plane back to the US. He’d been doing Wonderland shows in Italy when the ash cloud began to wreak havoc with the air travel.

I’m not sure when Joshua gets back, but as a shout-out for him to make it home safe and sound, we want to share video from Radio Wonderland’s set during the MMiX Festival last fall.

And if you can’t figure out what in the world Joshua is doing in that clip, listen here to what he has to say about the Radio Wonderland mission:

Video from the MMiX Festival of Interactive Music Technology Oct. 8-11, 2009, NYC

Radio Wonderland

Oct. 9, 2009 at Theaterlab NYC

Produced by Patrick Grant, Jocelyn Gonzales, & Theaterlab NYC

Co-sponsored by Ableton & Cycling ’74 with Dubspot NYC and Eventide
Media sponsorship by WNYC FM & AM, listener supported radio

Cameras & audio assistance: Erick Gonzales & Jocelyn Gonzales

Edited by Patrick Grant for The MMiXdown
©MMX The MMiXdown

– Jocelyn

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