Up Against All Oddstruments

A little while ago, Bora Yoon tipped us off to a great website called Oddstrument.com, devoted to “fantastic instruments and sounds from around the world.” It’s written by a young man named Tyler in New Mexico.

From music made with paper cups and rubber bands, to the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, wave organs in San Francisco, Croatia and the UK, and a weird vibrating wooden tongue from Germany called a daxophone, Oddstrument.com features all kinds of strange and wonderful musical instruments.


One of my favorite recent posts on Oddstrument is the link to the collection of Harry Partch instruments that you can play online at American Public Media: THE SPOILS OF WAR and THE BOO. After you load the instrument on your browser, you can use your mouse or keyboard to “strike” various parts of the pictured instrument.

APM Partch

I can’t embed the interface here obviously, but you should go check it out. I’ve been banging away on these to counteract the construction noise in my apartment. Harry Partch and my plumber – now there’s an avant garde duo. If they could just agree on the number of pitches per octave…


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