A Chat with Downtown Piano Queen, Kathy Supove


This week I visited with pianist, Kathy Supove, who commands the 88 keys like nobody’s business. For years, Kathy’s virtuosic keyboard skills have been put to work by contemporary composers working in an interactive performance environment.

In her bio, Kathy’s Exploding Piano Series is described as a “multimedia experience using electronics, theatrical elements, vocal rants, performance art, staging, and collaboration with artists from other disciplines…her Exploding Piano concerts almost always have original monologues and theatrical sketches surrounding the pieces.”

With her dramatic and energetic playing as a centerpiece (and her trademark flaming red bob), Kathy crushes the old definition of a piano recital under her shiny boots. So I asked her point of view on working with electronics and various media in her shows.

Listen to Kathy’s comments and excerpts of her music here:

If you’re curious, the controller called the monome that Kathy mentions is demonstrated in this clip:

You can visit Kathy Supove on her MySpace page.

– Jocelyn

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