FREE Remote Recording Workshops


Opt. 1: Thursday nights, February 11, 18, 25 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST

Opt. 2: Sunday afternoons, February 14, 21, 28 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm EST

These will be conducted over Zoom – Details TBA.

To apply please fill out the Google Form: 

These winter courses are for new participants who did not attend last Fall’s workshops.

These courses are free to accepted participants. Fees are funded by the generous supporters of Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars. The courses are given by me, Patrick Grant, a composer, performer, music educator, and creator of Tilted Axes.

Remote recording, online sessions, file sharing – while the things these terms describe are nothing new, there are many musicians and songwriters that don’t understand them. Like many developments on the internet, there isn’t a universal nomenclature, and terms are used loosely. Which is why we thought it was worth taking the time to offer some clarity, and shed light on the opportunities that are available to people involved in every level of the music production process.

This is a great time for music and a great time to make music together. Collaborating remotely is not going away, so best to learn and sharpen those skills and be heard in every way possible.

The course is designed for Mac and PC users, laptops or desktops. Sorry, no tablets or smart phones. You must have a working audio interface to participate. This should be set up and running before we begin. If you require help, you should ask for assistance, but there’s plenty of resources out there for you.

You will need an audio interface. If you need to purchase a good audio interface, we recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, but there many you can chose from. if you already use one, great. For this course you can use an electric guitar, electric bass, electronic keyboard, or a good microphone and/or an acoustic instrument of your choice to participate. We just want you to use something that will make recording fun for you.

Ableton LIVE will be our default software. If you already use, or are more comfortable with something else, that’s OK, but in these workshops we will begin with Ableton so we have a common reference and since it is common to both the Mac and PC platform. If you need a copy of Ableton, you can download and use a functioning trial version for 90 days at The version that you will use depends on the computer you current own. If you cannot use Ableton, it is acceptable to use Garageband (sorry, Mac users only). We will also be using Audacity (which is free to download) in a few instances.

While this is not an Ableton Live or garageband course, we will use this programs to varying degrees in the service of learning good recording technique, how to share files in a collaborative way, and how to use any kind of software as a generative musical composition tool no matter your level of previous experience.

The proposed course syllabus is:

Session 1 – The Physics of Sound Pt. 1, checking your interface, setting levels, creating and using a template for Tilted Axes (and other projects), initial recording, multiple takes, bouncing out your audio, Assignment A.

Session 2 – The Physics of Sound Pt. 2, microphone techniques, creating a multitrack recording, editing, panning, bouncing out your audio, Assignment B.

Session 3 – Acoustics: The Behavior of Sound in a Room, FX = Frequency, Dynamics, and Time, Post-Production, extended editing techniques, bouncing out your audio, the completion of the course Assignment.

Space is limited so apply as soon as possible. I will be getting back to everybody to finalize your participant.

Again, to apply please fill out the Google Form: 

Looking forward to making more music with friends old and new.

Thank you all,

Patrick Grant &

Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

9 Tilted Axes Workshops (Feb-Apr)


Invitation: 9 Tilt Core Workshops for Tilted Axes (Feb-Apr)

This post is for electric guitarists that have expressed an interest in Tilted Axes and How It Works.

Send an email to the address below if you would be available to attend some upcoming Tilt Core Development Workshops. 

The focus of these workshops will be to:

1. Sharpen the skills we developed last year with old and new etudes that use unconventional scales, world rhythms, and unfamiliar forms.

2. Incorporate movement into playing. We will be working with guest choreographers. 

3. Develop performers for a current Tilt Core for Storyscapes, The Mars Project, and other multidisciplinary work.

Workshops will take place at the Alchemical Studios, 104 W 14th St., studio# TBA, on the following Wednesday nights, 7:00-10:00pm, dates are below.

You do not have to be present at all workshops. If interested, please indicate which ones are possible:

FEB 05
FEB 12
FEB 19

MAR 04
MAR 11
MAR 25

APR 08
APR 15
APR 22

The actual content and shape will depend on the responses received. However, the dates have been booked and are firm.

N.B. If you do not have a VOX Mini3 G2 or similar portable amp, you will be given an amp to borrow for the duration of the workshops.

Please get back with any questions:

Read about our current and upcoming projects here: