“A Tilt for Our Time” Postponed Until 2021

We held out for as long as we could, but due to increasing COVID concerns in New York City, we have regrettably made the decision to POSTPONE our live performance. It will be rescheduled ASAP in the new year.

However, our originally scheduled virtual presentation “Points of Seeing” will go ahead as planned on December 21, the Winter Solstice, at 7PM EST.

To join “Points of Seeing” please register at this link: http://bit.ly/points-of-seeing.

Tilted Axes “Touchy Subjects” for Make Music Day

On June 20-21, 2020, Tilted Axes: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars released new music (June 20) and an accompanying video (June 21) in observance of the Summer Solstice. The new work, entitled “Touchy Subjects”, is a musical meditation on the real phenomenon of “touch starvation” that many are experiencing since the onset of social distancing. “Touchy Subjects” explores the tonalities of touch, or the ways in which we physically connect to the world we inhabit have changed.

Touchy Subjects contributing artists, video and/or audio, from the USA, Brazil, Germany, and beyond: Angela Babin, Alex Lahoski, Jeff Adams, Marcelo Andrade, Steve Ball, Aileen Bunch, Eduardo Cabral, Jude Closson, Nora Elbayoumy, John Ferrari, Michael Fisher, Michael Foti, Sudeip Ghosh, Christoph Goezten, Jocelyn Gonzales, Gael Grant, Patrick Grant, James La Croix, Daniel Reyes Llinas, Jane Mabrysmith, Anthony Mullin, Jeremy Nesse, Reinaldo Perez, Sarah Metivier Schadt, Christopher Simpson, Gerard Smith, Leslie Stevens, Skeeto Valdez.

Info: tiltedaxes.com/tiltedaxes.html

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